Highland Master - Hannah Howell

When I had finished reading my favorite series of all time, Outlander many years ago. It left this love and need to read all things Highlander. Many other fans feel the same way. I stumbled upon Hannah Howell's Murray Family Series and was just lost in the stories of this fierce loyal family. Then while cruising Netgalley for books I find the newest Murray Family book and I just had to grab it...

I was thrown back into the same feelings that Howell's book gave me all those years ago. I loved strong and loving Triona McKee, protecting her daughter and clan. Her cousin shows up running from her husband but protected by his family. In walks Brett Murray and fast has other plans for Triona. 

“Ye shouldnae think ye need to hide these marks,” he said, releasing one of her hands to trace each mark with the tip of his finger. “They are the scars of a woman giving life to a child, scars as hard-won and honorable as any a noble warrior wears.”

Howell takes us on a moving journey where a friendship is formed rooted in attraction. Brett is a man of action he does not take lightly to woman and children being abused and he cannot stand aside and let her clan be victimized. 

He did not wait for her to think long on what was about to happen but just kissed her. Brett brushed his lips over hers, savoring their soft warmth. He quickly recognized that she was not a woman well experienced in kissing, and silently cursed her husband. For her sake only, however, for a part of him was pleased that he might be able to give her something her husband never had. A woman married to a man for six years who did not know how to kiss was a woman who had suffered a cold bed, and he could show her heat, he was certain of it.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading Highland Master. It classic Howell style its fast paced, moving and packed with romance and strong woman. 

ARC courtesy of Kensington Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.