A Glitterball Pirate...

Glitterland - Alexis Hall

Glitterland is unlike any book i've ever read before. Just by looking at the cover you can see bright lights and big hair but it's so much more than that. It's about two people, lost at times in a world that calls them outcasts finding each other.

A. A. Winters aka Ash is a bipolar depressed author with some serious panic attacks. He's brilliant, damaged and hides from so much in his life. Leans on his friends too much and cannot get past the blinding depression that plagues him daily. But he has good days and bad days and he's an author, a good one at that. In walks the most unlikely ying to his yang, Darian Taylor, described as a glitterball pirate. Ash's world will never the same. 

What happens between Ash and Darian is for you to read but what I can tell you as the reader, I was moved by the simple beauty of it all. Darian is nothing but himself, he doesn't make excuses for his choice in career it's something he wants to do. 

So you're asking with all this praise, why 3 stars? Well, for one I found it hard to decipher the british accents and slang (wish Kindle had a dictionary for that). At times this American was lost and found herself Googling. Then there was the way that Darian was portrayed, well, not smart at all. He's written as a simple man when it's clean that there is so much depth to him. Then there is just the fact that I couldn't read "Babes" one more time, the word just irritated me beyond belief. But ultimately, I couldn't emotionally connect to Ash or Darian. I tried and I enjoyed their story, but I kept feeling like something was missing.

In conclusion, this was a fun read. Ash's depression and panic attacks were written painfully accurate. I enjoyed reading the budding relationship between Ash and Darian. I would like to see where this relationship goes, i'm very interested in their relationship.

ARC courtesy of Ripetide Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.