Jagged - Kristen Ashley
His brows shot up. “Now I’m Mr. Reece?” 
“Bruiser drags me to bed. Mein herr bosses me around. And Mr. Reece is like a life professor, smart and generous with his wisdom.” 
His eyes got dark in a way I felt all through my body and he pressed me into the door.

4 stars…
I have read countless Kristen Ashley books, some I’ve loved, some I’ve connected with and other that just didn’t do anything for me. Jagged did something for me. At times, I was moved to tears and others there were beautiful moments of tenderness and love. A perfect combination and the reason many Ashley fans keep coming back to her books. For me the Colorado Mountain Series has always been my favorite. Getting back to that world is always just fun…

Stepping back into Gnaw Bone was for me like going back to the beginning, my first book Colorado Mountain about Nina and Max was what introduced me to Kristen Ashley’s writing. In Jagged, we find ourselves back in Gnaw Bone with Zara the lead in this story. Like many of Ashley’s stories Jagged starts right off with Zara and Graham Reece in an on again off again relationship. Zara wants a home, family and stability and that is not Graham at all. He’s a drifter, a nomad and he likes his like, no he loves his life. What I enjoyed about this relationship was the honestly that Zara gave Ham (Hate his nick name…). Never wavering from what she wanted and what she knew Reece could not give her. Believe me, it was painful to read that. See how hurt and broken it made Zara but I respected her for that. 

Lets talk about Alpha Males: When you pick up a Kristen Ashley book you know you’re getting an Alpha male, bold, possessive, infuriating, sexy and strong. You know he’s going to have some wicked sometimes annoying one liners but I’ve come to understand that’s what I get when I open her books. Graham Reece is no different minus that annoying one-liners from the past. Which is a good thing! What had me a little baffled is at one point takes some legal matters into his own hands and they’re not his responsibility, his hearts in the right place but I found that he was having these meetings with Nina instead of Zara a little disturbing. It just didn’t sit right with me. I did enjoy that instead of grabbing Zara and taking her to his cave man cave (Ha!) Graham took things slow with her, let Zara see with her own eyes that commitment he had for her.

I learned, love is a show, it’s not a tell.”

The Story: I really enjoyed this plot, I liked that Zara was a strong confident woman who knew what she wanted and didn’t back down from that. I also liked the back-story of her family and how she grew up, her sister’s plight and the family secret that was kept from her for so long. It was a layered story and kept me at the edge of my seat. Like previous Kristen Ashley books, the epilogue was just want I needed, but I have to say I did want a little more…

Characters from the past: Nina and Max make and appearance and it was so fun to see them living life after there book. We also get introduced to some new female characters and one hot Gnaw Bone Sheriff, Mick Shaughnessy and I wonder if there is a story there. Cotton’s back and just as we left him, we get a little more story behind him and Allan’s love story, which I wouldn’t mind reading more about. This almost feels like questions for the author… I just couldn’t help but be intrigued by some of these new characters. 

In conclusion, I went into this book with no expectations and I was gifted with another great story. I’ve been worried about Ashley now being a published author and what changes that might make for her story telling. I find that her stories are slowly feeling more polished and less choppy. In the end this was another great installment to the Colorado Mountain series and I cannot wait to read the next book.

ARC Courtesy of Forever Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.