The Mountain Between Us - Cindy Myers


Every once in awhile I get a book from Netgalley and i'm expecting one kind of read but I get another. I was expecting your tradition Contemporary Romance. Not a lot of depth, a singular couple that the book is focused on and cheesy moment. Don't think i'm bashing CR, no no no... It's a genre that I come back to time and time again. I was just pleasantly surprised by The Mountain Between Us.


The Mountain Between Us is not a story about one couple, but a small town in Colorado. It's not unlike my favorite small town series, Virgin River by Robyn Carr. Minus one very important thing, i'll touch on that in a bit. This story starts with two couples: Olivia and D.J, separated by war and miscommunication. Also, Maggie and Jameso separated by age and this idea of who you should be with.  Then the other relationship is a little out of the box, the beautiful town of Eureka, Colorado.  It's a one light town filled with local stores a community that sticks together and has always taken care of it's own.

I also loved the "real" feeling you get while reading The Mountain Between Us. The people are real, they have real problems and make mistakes. Big mistakes but the town rallys around them in support. I enjoyed the funny lighthearted moments too. I had this same conversation with my good friend... Haha! One of my favorite quotes.


She glanced at the plus sign on the little plastic strip in her hand again. “Maybe the test is defective,” she said into the phone. “Maybe that’s why it was for sale at the dollar store.” “You bought a pregnancy test at the dollar store?” On the other end of the line her best friend, Barb Stanowski, sounded very far away.


Although, i've dreamt of running away to a small town like this. There are not all rosy moments. When winter hits, it hits hard and there are times when the town is closed off from civilization for days on end. No phone or cell service. It sounds good but Maggie did make a good point. 


“Is this another one of those quaint Eureka customs that’s supposed to make up for the fact that you don’t have a Starbucks or a Taco Bell in the entire county?” she asked.


In the end this book was only missing one small thing. I almost miss it till the last few pages when I realized there was one small sex scene. Now I don't need that in all my books, I've just come to expect it with CR. This book was not lacking in any way and even though it was limited on the steam it was high on community, connections and lessons of love and family. I really enjoyed The Mountain Between Us. 


She gazed out the window at scenery that still took her breath away, despite its familiarity. Mountains like jagged, broken teeth jutted against a sky as blue and translucent as the finest turquoise dug from the French Mistress. Aspen glowed yellow against the darker green of conifers on the flanks of the mountains, the road a red-brown ribbon wound between the peaks.