Harper's Bride - Alexis Harrington

This is my first book by Alexis Harrington and it wont be my last. I find myself drawn to Western Romance books from time to time. I guess for me they're like that old blanket that just gives you the warm comfortable feeling.  It's truly a gem to find one this good. That doesn't downplay the time period for the sake of the romance.


In Harpers Bride we meet Melissa and her daughter Jenny, her husband like her father is  abusive and this systematic abuse from childhood has turned Melissa into a meek woman. That's not who she really is, but it's what she's done to survive. In a twist of fate that's shocking but lucky Melissa and Jenny find themselves in the hands of Dylan Harper owner of the local shop where Gold miners come for supplies. 


As the story progresses here are a few of the plot lines that really moved me. 


1. The relationship that Melissa had with her baby Jenny, that mother/daughter connection is sometimes lost in books. Either the mother is jealous of the daughter or vise versa. Jenny is a helpless infant, she's dependent on her mother for everything. Melissa is not only an amazing mother but her dreams for Jenny go beyond money but how she emotionally wants her to feel. Unafraid like Melissa felt her whole life. It was also beautiful the way Miss Harrington wrote the daily duties of taking care of a baby, yes, the baby must nurse and needed diapers changed. Many people find those simples acts annoying. I as a mother do not. It's always fun to see that an infants basic needs haven't changed much in over a 100 years. 


2. The relationship between Dylan and Melissa. This is something that had your pulse racing. Both stubborn and set in their ways they're unable to deny the physical response each has to the other. Beautifully written!


3. The little town, never before have I really thought what a mining town would be like. It's a little embarrassing because I grew up in Sacramento, classic Gold panning town. It was fun to imagine what it would be like to see men trying make it rich only to lose it all and head home with nothing to show for the effort. The town was filled with characters, strong female leads who inspired Jenny to work for herself. Rafe, Harpers friend who was allying but so supportive of his budding attraction to Melissa. 


In conclusion, as you can tell i enjoyed this book. I found Harpers Bride to be sweet, steamy and filled with history. I cannot wait to read another book by this author.