Bold Tricks  - Karina Halle
His lips brushed against my ear, his presence behind me so large and commanding it seemed to fill the whole store. “I’m on your side. I’ll be on your side. All the way, until we get home.”

This is the final installment of the Artists Trilogy by Karina Halle. Let's start with the ending, for those of you loyal fans, you will like to hear that everything is wrapped up nice and neat by the end of Bold Tricks. Now will you be happy? I guess that depends on what team your on. I was happy with the ending.

Now, as a reader I felt like there were two Leea's reading this book. The first was the practical one, who views the world with older eyes, jaded a little by time and being let down a time or three. The other was the Hopeful Leea, she's still the believer in love concurring all with the glass half full. So as you can see I was torn:

Practical Leea:

This book is packed with action and at times, I found myself rolling my eyes. It's crazy! Helicopters, car chases, people getting shot, people jumping out of two story buildings and through it all... There is Camden, Ellie and Javier. I can't even dive into them right now. This practical Leea saw the steamy scene with slight crinkle in her eye, like really? You're doing that in the mud? I guess, I was just wanting more from this last book, I wanted it to move the Practical Leea into the Hopeful Leea, but that never happened. 

I also felt that although, the ending was all wrapped up. It was all action that then HEA. I wanted to see more of things settled especially after so much going on. 

Hopeful Leea

Oh she loved these stolen moments that burned off the pages, she looked past the audacity of it all and was purely driven by the need that Ellie and Camden had for each other. The chasing and traveling through all of Mexico (it seemed) was all for the good of getting Gus back. The revelations we're not something I didn't think about before but knowing them to be true was nice. I was happy for Ellie. The Hopeful Leea honestly couldn't take seeing Camden through Ellie's eyes, she made him shine too bright. 

In conclusion, I found this last book in the Artist Trilogy to be a solid final book. It didn't blow me away but It kept with the integrity of the series. 

Side note: The character of Derek, i'm very interested in knowing more about him. I wonder if Halle may write a spin off series for him?

ARC provided by Forever Publishing, via Netgalley for a honest review. All quotes were taken from pre-published book and should be viewed accordingly.