Louder Than Love - Jessica Topper

On the cover of Louder Than Love it says Love Loss and Rock and Roll well that about sums it up. Lets get right to it...

In Louder Than Love we meet Katrina (Kat) her friends call her Tree and her 4 year old daughter Abby, they're living in small upstate New York town and trying to put the pieces of their life back together again after the death of her husband Pete, almost 4 years ago. In walks Adrian Graves, the singer of her daughters favorite cartoon character. Kat is not what Adrian imagined when this library requesting him play at her story time. Both are pleasantly surprised, what happens next breaks open old wounds, mends hearts and finally put a happy ending to their story.

We spent the next two hours holding each other, Adrian’s fingers kneading his history across my skin. My vertebrae became pinpoints on the time line he lingered upon, as I kissed my questions along his shoulders and neck.

Louder Than Love is smart, funny and very sad. The writing is elequent and deep, layering music lyrics into everyday life in such a way that you can hear it right in your head. With such utter sadness and heartbreak, you have to balance it out with some amazing funny moments. In the end it's just Adrian and Kat's ability to always find the happy in everything that makes his book so fun to read.

In conclusion, when requesting books to read on Netgalley you never know if your going to find a gem and I found one in Louder Than Love. It's a mix of How to Kill a Rock Star and your favorite romance novel without all the angst. 

Sometimes, he would bring bags brimming with food from Myers of Keswick or Dean & DeLuca. With his reading glasses perched on his nose and my mom’s pin-striped apron slung around his tattooed torso, he looked positively adorable. Like the badass metal version of the Frugal Gourmet. He’d spend hours slowly cooking, refusing help, and carefully consulting cookbooks. The end results were traditional English meals that even Abbey took to

ARC Courtesy of Penguin group via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review