Not your average romance...

Texas Redeemed - Isla Bennet

It's always a tricky thing when an author contacts you and requests you read their novel, i'll admit I don't do this ever. Not sure why I decided to read Texas Redeemed but i'm sure glad that I did.

Her words chased him, taunted him. We don’t need that kind of fire. Valerie perched on that picnic table, so open, letting him touch her … telling him that he’d made her happy once … It was enough to undo a man. And the only thing more destructive than that was the dangerous urge to make her that happy again.

3.5 stars...

We meet up with Payton Turner and Valerie Jordan 13 years after they separated when Payton left Night Sky in the dead of night. Payton's working for Doctors without boarders and Valerie is running her families cattle ranch with her cousins and daughter. Their lives are so different now than when they came together in a fever that summer night. What will happen when Payton finds out the secret that Val has been keeping for 13 years?

Ms. Bennet writes the lives of Payton and Valerie before they see each other after 13 years, beautifully. They're each so content (from the outside) with the choices they made and the path they took. So when she introduces Lucy you almost don't know where this is going to go. The progression from that moment of meeting his daughter in the children's wing of memorial hospital the the very last word in Texas Redeemed was very organic. I mean that it took on a life of it's own. Parts were not pretty to read but it was real. Or it had that real feeling which is often missing while reading contemporary romance. 

Now nothing is perfect and I did roll my eyes at the fact that Payton Turner's family is made of money, but he doesn't need their money nor does he want it. Throughout the book, Valerie is very persistent of Payton, wanting the relationship to grow. I liked that Payton wanted to have a relationship with his daughter before starting up his relationship to Valerie. Thus, Ms. Bennetspent most of the book working up to this moment, where they're finally revealing how they feel about each other only to later take that away. I guess, I just wanted more time with Payton and Valerie together. 

In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised at my admiration for Valerie and Payton. I felt the progression of their relationship was real and believable and also how Lucy reacted to seeing her father for the first time. This is a great first novel by Isla Bennet and I hope to read more from this author. 

I have a few questions that maybe Ms. Bennet can answer: 

1. Is Chase going to get a book because he was one of my favorite secondary characters and as a reader I wanted to know more about him?

2. Was this written to be part of a series? I felt at times during the middle of the book that there was a sort of transition and maybe you decided to do that?

ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review