“All scars tell a story, beautiful girl,”

Unbeautifully  - Madeline Sheehan
I don’t believe in fate. I firmly believe that life is what you make of it, that life will react to your actions, and that your final destination has nothing to do with destiny but instead everything to do with the choices you make along the way. With one exception. Love.

3.5 stars... There is nothing like diving into MC world. For all the good and bad, it's never a dull moment and that exactly how I can sum up Unbeautifully.

I just going to say this and get it over with. I'm not woman enough to be in the kinds of dysfunctional relationships outlined in the Undeniable Series. I could never put up with cheating, someone calling me "bitch" or "whore" like it was nothing or the pure violence to oozes out of this club. Having said that, I love reading about it. Go figure! 

I was taken back by how much I liked Danny, I felt for her story and how she's always wanted her fathers attention and love. This seems to be a running theme throughout Unbeautifully and I can almost understand why she was drawn to Ripper. Danny described their relationship as:

Ours was the furthest thing from a picture-perfect romance; it was more of a car crash, a metal-bending, blood-splattered disaster that left no survivors, only bad memories and heartache. But it was ours. And because it was ours…I wouldn’t change a thing.

I really can't add more than that. It's perfect, just how they are and in the mix of all that is a ton of Club drama and hurt that seeps into everyones lives. 

This book has it's flaws, some things I just cannot pass over because ultimately that almost ruined this book for me. The violence against woman in this book was rapid, maybe that's the life but it was hard to read. Woman being used and pushed aside made me cringe and just isn't sexy at all. There was a gang rape as punishment... 

In conclusion, this series is a guilty pleasure for me. It fills the void till SoA is back on the air. It's fun to read about I life I'm so far removed from and relationships that are unlike any i've know. Underneath all that, there is this brotherhood that shines thru all the curse words, violence and gruff. 

“All scars tell a story, beautiful girl,” he said