I found a lot that's Perfect with Mr. Perfect...

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard

I picked up Mr. Perfect purely because it was our group read for True Love 101... I went into this book with no expectations except that I knew there would be a murder mystery involved and this just isn't my favorite genre. What I got was a big surprise because I simply adored this book. 

Number one: He's faithful. Doesn't cheat or lie.
Number two: Nice
Number three: Dependable
Number Four: A steady job
Number five: Sense of humor
Number six: Money
Number seven is: Good to look at...

The book starts out with 4 friends making a silly list of what they need in a man, their Mr. Perfect. They devise this list over drinks on Friday night and by Monday the whole company is a buzz with The List. Jaine is horrified but also she thinks it will eventually blow over. What she and the other ladies don't expect is for a killer to come after them. No the mystery is fine, it's not too bad at all but I was overshadowed by Sam. Jaine's next door neighbor who at first ruffles her feather but Sam has a way of getting under Jaine's skin.

"You talk a good game, babe, but it's the bottom of the ninth and I'm ahead ten to nothing. The only thing left for you to do is lie down."

The connections, banter and smoldering fire that is between Sam and Jaine caught me off guard. They're amazing together. Sam's alpha but he's not domineering, just right, perfect you may say. As things heat up between Sam and Jaine I found myself reading this book any moment I could spare. I even ended up staying up till 1am to finish it. If that's not a reason to read it then I don't know what is. 

This having been my first Linda Howard book i've read. I'm in need of more suggestions by this author. I cannot wait to read more by her.