Lots to look forward to in Joyland

Joyland - Stephen King

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“You’ll have interesting, fruitful lives, my young friends. You’ll do many good things and have many remarkable experiences. But I hope you’ll always look back on your time in Joyland as something special. We don’t sell furniture. We don’t sell cars. We don’t sell land or houses or retirement funds. We have no political agenda. We sell fun. Never forget that. Thank you for your attention. Now go forth.”

Joyland is a book that doesn't fall into one category. The pages are filled with wonder, adventure, passion and fright. It's the tale of Devin Jones a twenty-one year old virgin who during the summer of 1973, takes a job at Joyland, an amusement style park. This summer job changes Dev's life in so many ways and as readers we get to go along on the journey.

This is a coming of age story, set in a time when in many ways the world was a lot simpler. I was instantly drawn into the world of Joyland, how fascinating it was for Dev to take this carney lifestyle. As the reader your gifted with their secret language, what they call us normal folks coming to the park. For me that was just fascinating. I couldn't help but fall for Dev, his heart is pure, his intentions good and true. Joyland is told from the eyes of Dev, looking back on his time there are one of the most memorable times of his life. Even writing that, I feel this pang of sadness. That feeling that we all can relate to, wishing to go back to a time in our youth where everything seemed so simpler and easy. 

Devin's journey is not just his own, he makes lasting friendships along the way. Erin, Tom, Mike, and Annie... all play a special roll in what shapes Devin's future. But alas the summer must always come to an end. What's left are the memories...

“You look older, Devin. I thought so even before we got off the train, when I saw you waiting on the platform. Now I know why. You went to work and we went back to Never Never Land to play with the Lost Boys and Girls. The ones who will eventually turn up in suits from Brooks Brothers and with MBAs in their pockets.”

Thanks to Wendy F for suggesting or pushing me to read Joyland and Stacia for joining me on this adventure. It's always a great time reading with you ladies.