Into the Light

Into the Light  - Ellen O'Connell

3.5 stars...

Something didn't click for me while reading this book. I loved the idea of Deborah and Tray, but for me the spark just came to late. I think what happened is we spend so much of this book learning all the reasons that Deborah and Tray cannot be together that I just started to loose interest.

Keep in mind I waited for this book to come out. A few friends and I even stalked the authors blog in order to know when Ms. O'Connell's next book was coming out. You see, I love her Westerns. They're amazing but this one just didn't do it for me. It was a well written book, full of family drama, forbidden love but that little spark was not there for me. 

So back to waiting for the next book...

Buddy read with Regina, Kay, and Angie.