In love with "To Sin with a Viking"

To Sin with a Viking - Michelle Willingham

‘What do you want from me?’ she whispered. ‘Everything.’ His voice was resonant, pushing past her defenses.

Something rare happened when I stepped into my first Michelle Willingham novel, the historical romance world that I know and love became a little less unpredictable. There is just something new and fresh about To Sin with a Viking. 

What takes place within the pages of To Sin with a Viking may ruffle the feathers of some. You see Styr Hardrata is a married man, he's taken prisoner by Caragh Ó Brannon because her brother in a fit of stupidity and youthful ignorance takes Styr's boat with his wife still in it. Styr's finds himself chained to Caragh's home and from the moment he sees her he's infatuated with this starving young woman. 

So here lies the dilema. Styr's married to Elena, their arranged marriage has produced no children and they're almost living separate lives. He loves her, provides for her and protects her but there is no spark and Styr's making a last ditch effort to take Elena away from their home, to start anew somewhere else. In hopes that they can be happy. His loyalty for Elena is touched on again and again in his internal monologs but at times Styr's actions are not very loyal. You know the scene i'm taling about if you've read the book. Trust me it's hot but at the back of my mind I also knew he would hate himself in the morning. 

This continued back and forth between Caragh and Styr's is like weeks for foreplay. They're intensely attracted to each other and Ms. Willingham writes this attractions beautifully. 

He was the sort of man to carry a woman off and claim her. Without warning, her mind conjured the image of kissing a man like this. He would not be gentle but would capture her mouth, consuming her. A hard shiver passed over her, for she’d never before imagined such a thing. It was madness to even consider it.

She has you in this constant state of anticipation. Waiting for either Caragh or Styr to snap, breaking his vows and promises to Elena. At the same time you have Caragh, this young, strong, and vibrant woman who doesn't know how beautiful she in from the inside out and these feeling are so new to her. But it was this new found attraction that Styr found that was so interesting to read.

He couldn’t remember the last time a kiss had affected him in this way. His body and mind were at war, his honour caught up in the softness of a woman’s mouth.

This book is chast untill almost the end but it's not tame at all. Caragh and Styr's feeling for each other and the attraction they share is moving. I found myself grinning when Ms. Willingham wrote a scene with an early dildo...

‘Tying up your lover,’ he explained. A snort erupted from Styr, and finally he burst out in a broad laugh. Caragh’s face turned scarlet, as she suddenly understood what the man had been selling. Not only chains to tie up a lover, but the ivory cylinder was a perfect replica of a man’s— Oh dear God.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the uniqueness of this book. It was a fun fast read with a few twists I didn't see coming, which was great. If you're looking for somehting a little different, then this is a great choice. VIkings are in right now, I for one am loving the new History Channel Show, Vikings. This is a great way to get my Viking fix while the show is on hiatus. This may have been my first book by Michelle Willingham but it's not my last. I'm excited to read her next book in the Forbidden Viking Series. 

This ARC was provided by Harlequin thru Netgalley for an honest review.