Too much of a good thing...

Come Alive - Karina Halle
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More twist and turns for our Dynamic Duo... Come Alive is witten solely in Dex's point of view. We get it all thru the eyes of one horny, hot, red blooded American Male who's head over heels for his woman. I was so excited to see Perry again thru the eyes of Dex, for him to wipe away any doubt that he loved her from the inside out... but ladies and gentlemen, it was just too much! I love crude and preverse Dex. I do. But it was just over kill. Things changed once the story moved past the bedroom and onto them heading to New Orleans. 

More twist and turns than I could ever imagine...

I have whip last. No seriously, plus a case of my nerves being shot because from one moment to the next my heart was being ripped from my chest. We meet some new characters who come and shake things up and Max comes back to even shake things up some more. Revelations... some we've been waiting for for a long time. Other we had not idea even excited and shocked me. Then I got angry and upset. See so many twists and turns. 

Nothing compares to seeing Dex & Perry together. I loved each moment of it. Because it's got this real feel to it. He's driven to show Perry how much she means to him. It's on his mind all the time. It was just hard being in Dex head for that long, I needed to know what Perry was thinking. I wanted to get her perspective and I missed it. It would have really been cool to have alternating POV's from Dex to Perry. That would have really given me a reason to rate this book 5 stars. 

The ending and what's to come bumped this book up from 3 stars... Now winter cannot get here fast enough.